Client Services

Custom Business Growth Training

Work it UP provides customized professional skills development training solutions for enhancing the capabilities of Maine's growing advanced technology businesses and institutions. We recognize the critical need to build solutions for the changing economy and the business workplace environment of tomorrow.

Work it UP offers the tools and training that Maine's businesses need to compete for quality advanced business technology talent and deliver results in the distributed work environment on pivotal business growth projects. Our custom training modules for internship recruitment, employee training, business process, growth and change management projects are built to Best Practices standards established by world-class companies in Maine and beyond.

Project Management
Project management is at the very heart of the future of business. If you rely on digital technology you must know how to manage the complex projects that you will need to execute in order to implement your business strategy in the 21st century.


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Member Services

Professional Growth Training

Work it UP offers all members a wide array of professional development assistance. Services include ten basic professional development courses offered free of charge to prepare all members for employment opportunities in the distributed work environment. Courses are provided in exchange for a member's commitment to volunteer their professional expertise on internal teams or external client projects working with Maine's small businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them grow and create jobs.

"Your Team" Distributed Workplace Skills