Member Services

Volunteer Professionals Helping Maine Business Grow

The Work it UP Model

Work it UP is a 501-c-3 nonprofit social entrepreneurial advocacy organization for Maine’s professional community. We are a non-academic professional development resource available to all members of the professional community and not affiliated with any state or federal agency.

We are an all-volunteer organization now in our fifth year of existence. Since inception we have registered more than five-hundred volunteer professionals, who have delivered in excess of $ 500,000  of professional services each year in support of the small business companies located in seven counties in southern and central Maine.

We offer ten free basic professional development training courses to members in our ‘Your Team’ program for those who commit to donate their skills to help local growth-oriented companies accomplish their goal of expanding to create jobs. We begin our member training by underscoring the importance of accountability within a distributed professional team environment.

We practice an intergenerational mentorship process in which experienced professionals guide new member professionals through a comprehensive indoctrination in the principles of project management as advocated by the Project Management Institute's PMBOK Guide.

Members learn through direct experience how to work together in the distributed workplace environment on business projects as volunteers to prepare them for roles as interns or employees able to perform assigned duties and responsibilities as Subject Matter Expert (SME) independent contractors.

In addition to a Certificate of Completion for members who participate in all ten Your Team training courses and serve on an internal or external project team, we offer select members the opportunity to deepen their skills in professional career tracks. Through applied training interested members join a team as an SME on business growth projects for local companies. Typically projects that draw upon our core competencies are chosen to enhance member career track development.


Your Team Basic Member Training Courses

• Thinking Like a Project Manager

• Project Management for Small Business

• Entrepreneurship

• Distributed Team Collaboration

• The Virtual Office

• Cloud Computing

• Contract Employment

• Being a Subject Matter Expert

• Social Media

• Professional Etiquette


Advanced Project Management Career Track:

• Introduction to Project Management

• Project Management for Small Business

• Advanced Project Management (CAPM Prep)

• The Agile Mindset

• Building An Agile Team

• Agile/SCRUM for Software Development

• Technology Change Management


Additional Career Track Training Courses

• Information Technology

• Business Consulting

• Training and Development


Project Management Institute Training and Certification

• Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM)

• Project Management Professional (PMP)


JetPM Member Training  

We offer members an opportunity to learn project management and practice their skills with our proprietary, cloud-based software program that provides, Just Enough Tailored Project Management (JetPM™) to meet any size project.

JetPM™ is an extremely user-friendly, comprehensive tool that makes organizing, planning and tracking your initiatives easy and effective. All our clients have full access to JetPM™ free of charge.


Professional Advancement Center (PAC)

The future goal of Work it UP is to create a state-wide community that centers on a virtual Professional Advancement Center to be established for use by registered member volunteer professionals.

The PAC will exist as a training and development web portal for the professional community who gather for on-line training in the core competencies of our organization and volunteer for real world project assignments as project management team members. 

Members who complete their training and project assignment successfully will have the option to pursue placement as interns or for employment opportunities with local businesses.